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Pferde Hufenstuhl

About us

Herde 1The farming business lies in the lovely hilly countryside approx. 40 km east of Cologne. The business is in the 3rd generation since 1986, run by Birgit and Joachim Hufenstuhl. The changeover from diary cattle to horse breeding already began in 1950; Paul Hufenstuhl was one of the first show competitiors and founders of the RV Lindlar 1949 e.V. It was followed by the breeding station of the NRW Breeding Club which was approx. 25 years as guest on the facility. In 1993 it was changed to a private breeding facility. The facility boasts 2 riding arenas, 2 outdoor rings, a treadmill, a walking machine and approx. 40 hectar of fields.

Joachim Hufenstuhl is a learnt agronomist. He is the driving force behind all the activities around the farm. Some of those to mention are the horse shows here in Suettenbach, the sale of horses and keeping all the guests happy.

Birgit Hufenstuhl is a learnt industrial sales representative, who finished her master test with focus on breeding and conformation in 2000. Now there gives the educational services for two educational places. The boarders of the farm agree: Without, something is missing!

Bild 1Alexander Hufenstuhl, the older “sprout” of the family, has widely spread the Hufenstuhl name. He is very successfully underway in the jumping sport and has been a member of the German C Squad for the last 5 years. He has been successful in both the national and international jumping sport. His most successful horse to date was AH Pikadeur; 16 wins in S classes were possible for this partnership. At the young age of 17 Alexander received his “Deutsche Reitabzeichen in Gold” for 10 wins in S classes.
Bild 12Vera Hufenstuhl, at the moment 21 years of age, is following in the footsteps of her brother. She has already won her first M class in 2006 with Kiewi. In the dressage ring she won in class L with David. The kids of the farm flock around Vera. Meetings are made and parties are celebrated.